NIGHT SHOTS (Feature/Completed) – Night Shots is politically and socially charged journey though one microcosmic evening in downtown Atlanta.  Jimmy, the voice of the city, dives into the history of the Atlanta and his philosophy of new urbanism while he tries to help an aimless young Korean photographer find her shot.  A Nigerian couple searching for the American dream struggle with finding home, while an ill-informed anarchist cook and his patient Nicaraguan sidekick go on a quest to find the a monument buried in the belly of the city.  These intersecting characters carry the burden of Atlanta’s urban landscape:  immigration, capitalism, and gentrification.

SHUKTARA– (Documentary/Production) – David Earp arrived in Kolkata in the early 1990’s from London to source fabric for his Portobello Road boutique, but his encounters with children abandoned in Howrah Train Station – many with profound mental and physical disabilities – changed his life.  Living on the streets and begging for scraps of food, or finding their way to local institutions that were not equipped to properly care for them—David resolved to provide a ‘home for life’ where children and young people with disabilities can be part of a family and receive the love and support they need.  

Jeliya (Feature/Development) – A West African uber driver stuck in his past collides with a troubled pop star running toward her future and over one music fueled night in Atlanta they both reveal the weight of chasing fame.